About Us​

The Maritime Trades Magnet program is a high school-focused (Grades 10 and 11), Department of Education Innovative Approaches to Literacy: Community Schools and Promise Neighborhoods project in Virginia’s Third Congressional District with serial maritime workforce enhancement goals to increase opportunities to explore advanced manufacturing technologies and in-demand career pathways. The program was proposed and is being developed by the Hampton Roads Maritime Industrial Base Ecosystem and the Virginia Digital Ship Program of Old Dominion University.

What We’re All About​

The goals of the Maritime Trades Magnet program are:

  • Introduce online advanced manufacturing instruction in select Grade 10-11 Career Technical Education (CTE) training programs, correlating with hands-on practice with real-world equipment.
  • In partnership with CTE Leads, Instructors, and regional maritime industry, develop a scalable, affordable learning resource which supplements current CTE and non-CTE competency instruction and enhances state K-12 workforce training and education policies.

Who We Are​

The Hampton Roads Maritime Industrial Base Ecosystem (MIBE) is a regional organization focused on strengthening Hampton Roads’ economic pillar – its maritime industry – with Industry 4.0/5.0 transformation. The goal of MIBE is to set a national standard for excellence for maritime sustainment and Navy fleet readiness through workforce, supply base, and facilities optimization.

The Virginia Digital Ship Program conducts applied interdisciplinary research and innovative development to advance the current and future maritime workforce. The objectives of Digital Ship are to conduct innovative, interdisciplinary research in response to technological and workforce challenges across the maritime domain; pioneer advancements in the assessment, design, and development of maritime curriculum across the lifespan; and promote, support, and assist academic, industry, and community partnerships in advancement of maritime innovation.

Learn From Industry Leaders​

Collaborating with leading maritime industries across the region, real-world issues are integrated into MTM projects and activities.

Learn at Your Own Pace​

Independent MTM modules allow instructors to select those resources most applicable to their courses, while the online delivery affords students the opportunity to learn on their time and their devices.

Hands-on Learning

MTM’s hybrid provides combines online resources combined with hands-on practice with cutting edge advanced manufacturing equipment.

Join Our Community​

Please contact us at digitalship@odu.edu to learn about MTM and opportunities to bring this program to your school!