My First Mobile Robot Project

  1. Open the Sphero EDU app on the Chromebook or on a personal smartphone
  2. Select “Home User”
  3. Select “Let’s Code”
  4. Click the    icon in the top right corner 
  5. Select “Sphero RVR/RVR+” 
  6. Choose your RVR (the “name” of the robot is on the bottom of the robot)
  7. In the Sphero EDU app, go to “Activities”
  8. Click “Sphero”
  9. Find “Blocks 1: Movement” and “Blocks 2: Color Sensor & Events” and complete the two activities. Make sure the activity icons look like the ones below with the RVR robot and logo.

Tutorial Videos


Mounting Plate

Install the Battery

The Power Button


Connect to a Chromebook

WASD Controls

Control Speed and Color

Joystick Control