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My First Robotic Arm Project

Dobot Pick and Place in Plain English 

Below is a simple version of the programming code you will complete in the Dobot Pick and Place activity. It is in plain English so you can understand the steps you will program before it is implemented in a specific programming language. You can use it as a guide if you get lost during the activity.

Designed to be read by a human and not a computer. 

  1. Move to Safe/Starting Position 
  2. Move to Above Pick 
  3. Move to Pick 
  4. Turn Suction Cup On 
  5. Move to Above Pick 
  6. Move to Above Place 
  7. Move to Place 
  8. Turn Suction Cup Off 
  9. Move to Above Place 
  10. Move to Safe/Ending Position

Tutorial Videos

Setting Dobot on the Mat

Connecting the Cables

Connecting the Chromebook

Starting the Software

Powering on the Dobot

Homing the Dobot

Connect the Dobot to Software

Control the Dobot (Joints)

Control the Dobot (Axes)

The Dobot Mat

First Activity (Joint Control)