CNC Maintenance Tips

Maintenance tips shown on this page are from the Nomad 3 “Getting Started Guide”. Other CNC mills may have different maintenance requirements. 

Recommend lubricating your X-, Y-Axis rails approximately every 50 hours of machining, or when you start to notice a buildup of dust and grime. Also recommend lubricating your Z-Axis every 6 months. Other than the occasional lubrication, your Nomad 3 is maintenance free! 

Lubricating the X- And Y-Axis The only oil we use and recommend for lubrication of the Nomad 3’s X- and Y- rails is Super Lube Synthetic Oil with PTFE. It’s available from Amazon in various container sizes and types as well as some sewing machine supply shops. 

To lubricate the X and Y-Axis: ​

Move the X or Y-Axis to one extreme. ​

Wipe a thin layer of Super Lube onto the rails. ​

Then, jog the lubricated axis back and forth a few times. Most of the oil will be pushed aside by the bearing seals but some of it will get in there, and that is enough to do the job. ​

After you’ve jogged the axis back and forth a few times, wipe the remaining oil from the rails so that it doesn’t attract dust. 

To lubricate the Z-Axis:

 Put a quick coat of synthetic oil (such as Mobil Vactra No. 2 Oil) on the linear rails and leadscrew.