Stages of 3D Printing: Post-Processing, Cleaning, Prepping, and Finishing

....Almost Done!


Once a print has finished, carefully and safely remove it from the build plate. Be careful not to touch the build plate if it is still hot! Many prints will require post-processing.

Post-processing can be broken down into two categories: “cleaning and prepping” and “finishing”. 

Cleaning and Prepping

Cleaning and prepping includes removal of support material, raft removal, and sanding. Support and raft removal can be done with a basic tool like pliers. When sanding the print, start with a low grit sandpaper and move to a high grit sandpaper in a few stages.



Finishing can help change the appearance or enhance the aesthetics of the 3D print. There are different options for painting your 3D print. The first step to painting the print is to prime it. This can be done by a spray or by brushing it on. From there, move to the painting. Spray painting is the easiest to perform however paint brushes or an airbrush can be used. Make sure to paint in a well-ventilated area with no wind or drafts.