Stages of CNC Machining: CAD

CAD- Computer Aided Design: CAD is the use of computers to help formulate, modify, or complete functional analysis on a design. For beginners 2D Software is a good starting point. 3D software should be used for advanced users. The software you choose depends on the type of cut you want to perform on your project. 


A 2D drawing can be created and used for the CNC process but having a 3D model is easier to visualize what is being cut. 



A 2D cut is just tracing an object and cutting it out. This can include letters or basic shapes.


A 3D cut uses all 3 axes of the CNC machine at the same time. This would be used for more complex projects.


A 2.5D cut is similar to a 2D cut in that it traces an object and cuts it out, but it cuts deeper in a certain area.