Connections to Careers: Subtractive/CNC Manufacturing


These careers focus on the design and development of digital models that can be used in CNC machining and manufacturing. Academic pathways vary based on careers.

CNC Design Engineer

Tool Designer

CAD/CAM Programmer

CNC Automation Engineer

Industry Spotlight: Maritime Careers

The maritime industry uses CNC machining for a variety of applications, such as the fabrication of ship parts, boat hulls, propellers, masts, and other components. CNC machining is used to create precise and intricate parts that are essential for the reliable operation of vessels.

Some careers include: Inside Machinist, Outside Machinist, and Marine Machinist.


These careers focus on the machining, tooling, post-processing, and maintenance of CNC manufacturing in different industries. Academic pathways vary based on careers.

CNC Operator

CNC Maintenance Technician

CNC Quality Manger

CNC Programmer