Uses of CNC: Machining Innovation

CNC machines have revolutionized industries that rely on heavy machinery and manufacturing. They have increased efficiency and scalability on the number of products or services a company can now produce. 

Explore more information in examples of several industries below!

Innovations in the Medical Industry

CNC machining allows for more precise part imitation. The quick manufacturing or machining of medical or biomedical parts is life-changing. Some of these include medical implants, surgical instruments, and parts for electronic medical equipment such as x-ray machines, MRI machines, scanners, and more!

Innovations in the Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry has been using CNC machining for years. It’s used to fabricate devices and equipment that experience various conditions of speed, air pressure, etc. Therefore parts must be constructed precisely. The rapid production of parts can be done in mass quantities or individually. 

Innovations in the Maritime Industry

CNC  machines have changed the maritime industry by allowing for more precision and accuracy in the production of marine or vessel parts. This increased flexibility has enabled the maritime industry to become more competitive by producing parts quickly and cost-effectively.

Innovations for...Anything!

Because…the technology is just really cool!

Hobbyists can now rapidly prototype really anything. Check out the video below!