Uses of 3D Printers: Propelling Innovation

Many different industries are using additive manufacturing and 3D printing to create innovative solutions to current and future problems.

Explore more information in examples of several industries below!

Innovations in the Maritime Industry

The maritime industry is developing creative solutions! 3D printing parts for Columbia class submarines helps to ease supply chain issues, creation of prototypes for underwater equipment which saves money during the creation of the equipment, research and development of alloys that are corrosion resistant that could be used to create spare parts.

Innovations in the Medical Industry

The medical industry is using 3D printing to manufacture medical devices that have complex features. Some researchers are using 3D modeled designs and prints to match a patient’s anatomy. This is accomplished through aids in the development of medical tools (prototyping), prosthetics custom fit to a person, and research on bioprinting tissue and organs.

Innovations in the Aerospace Industry

The aerospace is considered one of the earliest adopters of 3D printing technology. This technology has been utilized to make parts for satellites, drone design, research and development on materials’ physical properties that can be used in 3D printing (making stronger alloys), 3D printing in space and polymer recycling in space.

Innovations in the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing industries are using 3D printing to create low cost, custom tools and fixtures. These features allow for flexibility in supply and demand because parts can be easily adjusted through software saving time and money. This allows companies to make short run part production = launch new products more frequently.

Food for Thought...

It’s not science fiction…researchers are exploring solutions to 3D print food! Can you stomach watching the video?